Call for venue

We cordially invite you to submit, not later than October 22nd, your proposals to host the NUSOD 2024 and 2025 conference.
Following a long-lasting tradition in the NUSOD community, for the 2024 edition we will give priority to venues located in Asia and Africa. Simultaneously, for NUSOD 2025 we will be focusing on venues in North and South America.

If you are interested about the opportunity to host this event, please send a brief presentation to In your submission, kindly include:

  • Motivation to Host: Share your reasons for hosting the conference, emphasizing any research groups engaged in the conference’s key topics.
  • Proposed Venue and Timing: Provide details about your proposed venue and the preferred timing for the conference. Additionally, highlight the accessibility of the location from other countries and continents. Please specify the maximum number of participants that your venue can comfortably accommodate.
  • Registration Fee Estimate: Offer an estimate of the registration fee for attendees. Additionally, provide a range of accommodation prices within the vicinity of the venue.

We appreciate your interest in contributing to the success of NUSOD, and we look forward to receiving your submissions. Together, let’s continue advancing the field of optoelectronic device simulation.